You need IT... We Solve IT!

SolveIT! provides ICT services for individuals and organizations. This includes ongoing ICT support for computers and networks, consultancy, training and even access to open source ICT alternatives. We have particular experience in servicing ATM's, POS terminals, Power Units & Computers for small to large businesses, the voluntary and public sectors and financial institutes.

ICT Consultancy

SolveIT! N.V. is often asked to fulfill the role of consultant in the development and realization of all sorts of ICT solutions. These are various from simple print solutions to highly sophisticated ICT infrastructures with the highest levels of security. To this end, we have at our disposal educated consultants, who have experience with small as well as great projects, ranging from simple to very complex.

We have the reputation of being a particularly expert and reliable supplier, as well as being specifically involved in the client's situation. This is why we can be asked to fulfill the role of several kinds of consultancy- and management roles during all kinds of automation projects, like:

  • Migrations;
  • Making ICT-policy plans;
  • Implementing ICT Service Management (ITIL, ASL, BiSL, CoBIT or ISO 9xxx standards)
  • ICT-project management (partly or entirely);
  • Arranging ICT-organizations;
  • Executing quality improvement programmes;
  • Interim management of IT-departments;
  • Buying hardware and software;
  • IS Strategy and Development;
  • IT Architecture Design;
  • E-business;
  • ICT Security;
  • Networking & Telecommunications;
  • Applications Design;
  • Emerging Technology;
  • Business Process Redesign (BPR) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP);
  • Business Intelligence & Datawarehousing ( WEBFOCUS 7);
  • Can also act as an independent "auditor" in order to judge the service and systems supplied by a third party.


The concept of taking over internal company functions to handle them is another service we offer. Outsourcing is done to save money, improve quality, or free company resources for other (core) activities. Outsourcing can take many forms, from the whole ICT operation, so that we provide the hosting and maintenance of your company ICT assets and ensures that the systems run smoothly. This would be a total outsourcing solution, although many companies will often just pick elements of such a package.

  • ICT personell (OnSite, OnCall);
  • Helpdesk/Servicedesk (ICT Service Management);
  • Hardware/Software Providing (Capacity Management)

Next to these services we look at the specific needs of the customers by which the businesses are modeled and optimized with the available technology. The customer can also digitally see to this information at any moment required. The results are presented to the responsible management and the different solutions are discussed, after which the possible ICT implementation follows and the post route of the ICT support.

SolveIT! also provides support & maintenance. This includes preventive and ongoing maintenance and repair of computers, laptops, servers, ATM's and POS terminals.


The maintenance of ATM, POS & (or) ICT infrastructure include monitoring backups, storage capacity, memory allocation, configuration and upgrades. This is an Service Level Agreement (SLA) between SolveIT! N.V. and the users of this service. In this agreement a document is define in which the service expectations and an outline of the communication and escalation process is explained and agreed upon. By instituting this SLA the expectations and requirements of both parties is clarified and solidified. Under the terms of any SLA, SolveIT! will provide the following services:

  • Install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot
  • Review all maintenance plans, upgrade plans, etc.
  • Communicate with users to ensure minimal disruption of service
  • Protected against configuration loss by the use of regularly scheduled backups
  • Provide and maintain contacts and procedures for reporting and/or escalating problems
  • Provide overall disaster recovery and contingency planning
  • Provide maximum availability according to requirements
  • Quick response time according to requirements