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Many factors contribute to a terminal's performance. The processor, memory, security, printer, user interface and software tools all make a difference in the overall Point of Service experience.


Still considered an emerging market, wireless payment is the fastest growing segment in the POS industry, offering entry to new vertical markets, new merchants and new ways to increase revenue.

PIN Pads

With Hypercom PIN pads, customers slide their debit card through the magnetic stripe reader without forfeiting the card to the store clerk. This feature of retaining your card can increase customer confidence about transaction security and encourage debit card use.


Hypercom works closely with its customers to develop standard and customized applications that operate with Hypercom terminals. To date, more than 80 terminal software applications have been created to support a wide range of electronic transaction functions.


Market Segments

Point Of Sale systems do more than just process transactions, they enable electronic communication. Fast, flexible, functional transaction technology that drives the POS industry to new limits, providing customers with innovations that make them competitive in today's marketplace. More and more POS terminals are being deployed beyond traditional payment applications and new customers are realizing how the power of POS technology can add value to their market, especially in these segments:

  • Financial
    • Banks
    • ATMs
    • Processors
    • Retail Banking
  • Public
    • Government
    • Education
    • Healthcare
  • Gaming
    • Lottery
    • Casino
  • Hospitality
    • Restaurant
    • Lodging


Hypercom is committed to providing high levels of support to its partners by offering a broad range of services for our POS payment systems and networking products. In addition to deployment, help desk, technical assistance and training for our products, Hypercom has consulting services that assist with customization, design, installation, integration, management and strategies, for both of our POS systems and networking devices.

Asset Management Services

We are committed to providing a high-level of service and support directly to our customers. A wide range of support services are available, such as deployment, help-desk, repairs, on-site technicians visits and the provision of supplies.

The following services we offer trough our suppliers:

  • Authorize Repair Facility
  • Global Professional Services
  • Transaction Transport Services