The increasing use in Suriname of electronic devices by companies and agencies, for processing, among other things, such as administration has increased the number of service companies in the field of hardware, software, and consultancy in recent years. There are organizations that focus on mass consumer products and other organizations that specialize in the services for corporate business solutions.

SolveIT! only provides high-quality services and products, from a unique full-service perspective. We are an established and dynamic organization that stands firmly on the ground with two legs. We are now a household name in the region, but also outside it!With our palette of services and products, we can be of service to you. So, you are always in good hands with us, whatever your wish is! We have a passion for thinking along with our clients and see that as our main mission.

Our company was founded on March 14, 2003 by Mr. Elwin Atmodimedjo.
The company is situated at the Rio de Janeirostraat 15 in Paramaribo, Suriname.

We never lost our ambition. That is why we are constantly independent and innovative in these difficult economic times.
Of course, we are also very socially involved and have an eye for the environment and the community.
We consider sustainability a must and strive to contribute to a better world.


SolveIT! N.V. has been successfully certified in accordance with ISO 9001. This is a standard that sets requirements for the quality management system of an organization and the way in which the organization deals with the quality policy.
In order to guarantee the quality of our products and services and to make this visible to our clients, there was a desire to certify.
With the ISO 9001 certificate, we guarantee our clients that we meet international standard requirements of ISO 9001.
We see ISO as a valuable tool to continuously pay attention to the improvement of our quality on all fronts and therefore carry out our work in accordance with the standards of this system. Constant quality for every client.

Our Mission

Solve IT! provides high-quality ICT products and services to its clients with specialized and well-trained employees. The company continuously uses the latest techniques and methodologies, with a constant consideration of an excellent price/quality ratio.

In providing the products and services, the aim is a win win situation for both the company and the client

Attention is paid to:
• The added value for the customer
• The way in which the result was achieved (the process)


SolveIT! N.V. aims to be the “One Stop Shop” for every company or organization that needs to implement ICT in the field of Hardware, Software, Consultancy and Advice.